Weight Loss

Non-Surgical Body Contouring


 Lipo Dissolve/Kybella

Lipo-Dissolve involves a series of small injections used to sculpt areas where stubborn fat does not easily respond to diet and exercise alone. This treatment is effective in removing small localized areas of fat. When injected there is an increase in the rate of cellular fat breakdown and the fat is released from the tissue and later excreted from the body. Some of the more popular areas of treatment include, chin, saddlebags, cheeks & under eyes.



Weight Loss

Physician supervised weight loss Program:

This program includes monthly visits with the doctor where you will be evaluated medically and assisted with lowering your overall body weight through the use of medication. This program is great for people who are just starting their weight loss journey & can benefit from the assistance of a professional.

HCG Diet

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced during pregnancy. We use a very low calorie diet to trigger HCG to help get rid of stubborn fat. Normally when we cut back our calorie and fat intake, our bodies will in fact store fat and our metabolism slows down. This happens because fat is really a life-saving source of stored energy. When a low calorie diet is employed with HCG, the body is signaled to use the fat that is stored for energy or for elimination. Because HCG mobilizes fat and makes it available to the body as an energy source, it naturally reduces appetite. So, even though you are consuming fewer calories, your body is able to access the energy you have stored. Most people have plenty of energy and feel great while on the program. Patients typically lose around 5 pounds per week when followed correctly.